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Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas

It is an old saying that “life begins at forty”. At forties usually the life is boring and you have hundreds of duties and responsibilities to fulfill. In all these duties, you don’t have time for yourself. To maintain the enthusiasm and energy in forties you must have a rocking and hilarious party at the edge of forties. What could be the more suitable occasion for party than your Fortieth b'day? You should celebrate your 40th date of birth with great passion and enthusiasm to welcome your next inning of life. If you are looking for the best 40th birthday party ideas, then read on and have fun.

1) Theme party
Theme party is one of the best fortieth birthday party ideas. You can select the theme of the party according to your wish. You can choose Hollywood theme party or fancy dress party or Disney theme party or horror theme party.

40th Birthday Ideas for Women

40th birth date is considered as a milestone for both men and women. If your woman is turning 40 and you are planning to throw a party for her then you should be very careful and creative. Here are some of the most creative 40th birthday ideas for women.

40th Birthday Ideas for Women
 1) Party
One of the most common types of celebration is party. But you can make your 40th birthday party different from others with just little creativity.
• Choose a perfect location for your party. You can choose a beach, house boat, island, five star hotels, forest camp or heritage building.
• First of all, choose a theme for your fortieth birth party.
• Make invitation card suiting your theme or personality of the birth-day girl.
• Bring the best music and DJs to rock your party.

40th Birthday Ideas for Men

If you are planning to celebrate the 40th birth date of your man, then here are some of the best 40th birthday ideas for men. Let’s have a look and plan something special for the Special Person on that Special day.

1) Theme
First of all let’s talk about the theme of the party. You can organize a theme based party or fancy dress party or dress code based party. You can have following types of themes:

•   Hollywood theme: you can tell your guests to dress up and come like some Hollywood actor or actress.

•   Sport based theme: if you are a sport person, then you can tell your friends and family members to come into the party and act like a sport’s person. Your guests can dress up and act like Lionel Messi or Maria Sharapova.

•   Cartoon based theme: if you like cartoon characters and want to enjoy like a kid, then you can tell your friends to dress up like a Disney character or cartoon actor. This type of party will be funny and interesting.

•   Politics based theme: your guest can dress up like some popular politician or national hero.

•   Other themes: nature based theme, equipment theme or accessories theme or any other theme that come into your mind.

Best 40th Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations are very popular these days and you should not ignore this as your 40th birth date is a milestone day in your life. Some people even say that “life begins at 40”. To make this day special if you are planning for a party you must have written down the names of all invitees. Definitely, you don’t want to miss any of your beloved ones on the Celebration Day. It makes your fortieth date of birth full of fun and therefore the invitations should also be unique. Here are some 40th birthday invitations ideas for both men and women.

Purchase B'day Cards from Stores
There are several types of cards are available in the store. You can choose your favorite cards and can send invite through them to your friends and family. Just search the age specific cards and I am sure you will find the best 40th birthday invitations cards.

Customizable Cards
If you do not find the card of your choice, then you can just look for any online catalog and order those online or even on the card store. I know Archies, Hallmark has this convenience. You will find lots of customizable cards there and you can tell them your specifications if not listed there.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th birth date is special day for both men and women. It is like a bridge between the vibrant and over exciting young age and grey haired middle age. Buying a perfect gift for fortieth b'day is not an easy task. Your present can make your birthday man or woman happy and make him or her feel young and vibrant. Here are some of the best 40th birthday gift ideas. In this article I’ll can them as B'day Boy and Girl as on the special day of birth everybody goes back to their younger days.

1) Day Out
Men or women no one can deny a perfect a day out in a sunny day. You can go to your favorite holiday spot, favorite restaurant or favorite coffee house. Just think and plan something which your b'day boy or girl like the most. Take your birth-day boy or girl for a perfect dinner or lunch or a movie or somewhere they love to go.

2) Photo Albums
40th Birthday Gift IdeasPhotographs are memories. If you can make memories alive then nothing can be better than that. You can bring back the good memories with the help of photographs. This is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas. You can take photos of your boy or girl and stick them to an album or a big card. You can make a book of photos. You can add pages to the book with some funny quotes or some memorable story from his or her life.

10 Best 40th Birthday Ideas

40th birth date is always special whether it is yours or someone else’s. This is the age between young and old. You can call it second innings of your life. It is the transition from young age to middle age. So if you want your fortieth date of birth to be special then you should start thinking something out of the box. If you want to make it great and memorable, then you should read on to have some great 40th birthday ideas for this special b'day celebration.

1) Theme Party
40th Birthday IdeasTheme is one of the important aspects for any type of party. It can make your b'day fun and interesting. You can organize a theme party or fancy dress party for your special birth date. This is one of the best fortieth birthday ideas. You can organize an era theme party where people can choose to act different actors and actresses and you can have hundreds of options for dance, music and lighting. Hollywood parties would be a great idea. You can also go for rave party or fancy dress party where your guests can act of whatever they want to.



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People turning 40 think the Fun of Birthday Celebrations will be lesser compared to the younger birth day celebrations. Also they might have lesser time to arrange a Birthday party due to their busy life. Well, 40th Birth day is also very special day as you are going to reach another most important junction of your life when your physical and mental changes will be noticeable. Remember, some bigger changes happened during your teenage and you enjoyed a lot then .. So why should not have a Grand Fortieth Birthday Party! Planning it would be more Fun when you have 40th Birthday Ideas and this site is to show you the great ideas to make your 40th Birth day celebration memorable.